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Promoting respect and interdependency

At Warooga we acknowledge the original custodians of this land. We believe in a positive and proactive approach to our environment by promoting respect for the interdependency between people and the environment and encourage awareness of every person’s role in the caring for the land, nature and animals both day to day and for long-term sustainability.
Educators can promote this learning when they:

  • Provide children with access to a range of natural materials in their environment
  • Model respect, care and appreciation for the natural environment
  • Find ways of enabling children to care for and learn from the land
  • Consider the nature of children’s connectedness to the land and demonstrate respect for community protocols
  • Share information and provide children with access to resources about the environment and the impact of human activities on the environment
  • Embed sustainability in daily routines and practices
  • Look for examples of interdependence in the environment and discuss the ways the life and health of living things are interconnected

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