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The Early Learning framework refers to the principles that support children from birth to five years of age to develop key skills to enhance their development ultimately becoming school ready.

Early learning is important to ensure your child is ready for school and has developed all the skills needed to succeed. Early Learning activities help your child develop social, emotional and intellectual skills to maximise their potential. Warooga Child Care programmes encourage children to learn about self-worth and to develop self-esteem. Socialising with other children before school promotes the act of them being confident and capable learners.

Warooga Child Care provides care to children from birth to school age. The centres provide a learning environment that is age/stage appropriate by dividing the children into three age groups. Read more about our services here.

Every day is different at Warooga! Some days we may have play-based activities scheduled that involve being outdoors or arts and crafts that mean we get messy. Please ensure your child always has a spare change of clothes in their backpack. Extra layers for cooler days and clothing your child is comfortable in should be provided.

A bag, labeled with their name on.
Change of clothes, with their name on.
Sun hat – if you forget, one can be purchased from the centre
Labeled milk bottles

Yes! All children receive meals and snacks during the day. Every meal is nutritionally balanced, prepared and cooked on site by qualified chefs. Morning tea, hot lunch, afternoon tea and supper are all on the menu.

Yes, at Warooga we understand every family is different. We work with you to ensure each child’s specific dietary needs are catered for whether they be cultural or medical. Our food coordinator and all staff members are made aware of any specific child’s dietary needs.

Toilet training is an important step in each child’s life and a time to celebrate the child’s successes. It is our role to work in partnership with families to ensure the smooth transition and to encourage and support the child in their toilet training efforts.

Our sun protection policy has been developed and regularly reviewed in line with guidelines from the Australian Cancer Council. Each child must have a hat on when playing outdoors and sunscreen is applied. Appropriate clothing which covers the shoulders is required, as is a water bottle, and staff monitor UV levels daily. Our outdoor environments ensure plenty of shade covers the sandpit and play areas.

Warooga Child Care Centres, as the name states, welcomes individuals from all cultural backgrounds. The centre promotes a multicultural environment by adopting an anti-bias policy and approach to each individual child in the centre. Warooga promotes various multicultural events whereby each child and parent is encouraged to introduce to the centre a part of their culture through traditional clothing, food recipes, dances and much more.

There are differing eligibilities for family assistance. To find out what your entitlements are refer to the Centrelink website.

Our ongoing children’s development program offers educational and recreational programmes designed to optimise the creativity, mental and physical advancement of your child. Self-expression is encouraged through a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities, such as music, arts and crafts. Children’s interests are supported and encouraged through individual and group stimuli from innovative nature play to cooking experiences which can help in the development of concept skills all in the name of fun!