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Riverton Child Care – A homely haven for nurturing young minds.

Our centre provide the care for little ones from 8 weeks to 6 years of age. These age groups are divided into three groups: Nursery, Toddlers and Kindergarten.

2024 Update: We are now accepting new enrolments!

At Riverton we are proud of our experienced child care educators who encourage and foster each child’s development in a nurturing environment. At this centre we endeavour to provide an environment which mirrors a family home.

Daily routines foster development across fine motor skills, social and emotional development and gross motor skills. They are delivered in a play based manner where children become excited about their learning and development.

The programmes include among other things, art, craft, cooking and languages whilst still allowing plenty of ability for free choices in play. We encourage and develop affinity with nature and incorporate teachings in recycling and natural life cycles.

47 Riley Rd, Riverton WA 6148

Phone: (08) 9354 4588

Open: 7am – 6pm

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Our Rooms


Warooga Babies care for children 8 weeks to two years of age.

A nurturing environment is essential at this early stage to assist in emotional, social and intellectual development.

Carers work closely with families to ensure that home routines are followed as closely as possible, including sleep times.

Early Learning

Toddlers 2 to 3 years are cared for by our Early Learning programme educators. We believe each child is a capable learner, and so we guide their developmental journey through to toddlerhood with play based activities.

Social, emotional and intellectual development are the key focus in our Early Learning programme as well as life skills and independent learning to help build confidence, independence and self-esteem.


Our Kindy programme is run by a team of qualified educators and is tailored to provide an environment for your child to progress at their own pace to become ‘school ready’.

Our daily routines assist children to transition through new experiences and develop the skills needed to adapt to the school environment stress free. Literacy, maths and problem solving are some of the main topics our Kindy Programme helps to develop.

As well as this, concentration on creativity, fine and gross motor skills and developing independence are core focuses for our team

Why Choose us

Warooga Early Learning Centres provide a nurturing environment for children aged 8 weeks to 6 years by focusing on early learning skills. Our experienced team has many years of collective experience and provides a stimulating and caring environment to ensure your child reaches their full potential. Our venues in Southern River and Riverton are family owned and operated by educator and mother Philippa Everett.

Warm welcome

As a family owned and operated childcare provider we pride ourselves on our nurturing environment that encourages children to feel comfortable and confident to explore and develop.

Experienced educators

Our team are qualified and experienced educators who create warm relationships with the children they care for. Each age group is taught by qualified Early Learning educators who oversee the programme and its delivery. Many team members have been a part of the Warooga Child Care family for many years.

Encouraging and celebrating diversity and inclusion

Our team are experienced and mature educators with many years of combined experience. We come from many different cultural and religious backgrounds and speak many languages.  Our Educators are passionate about creating a fully inclusive environment, to give every child the opportunity to learn about the diverse world they live in, and we cater for children with additional needs at no cost to families.

Engaging curriculum

Together we create a positive play-based learning environment that allows your children to grow in stimulating and comfortable surrounds. This, together with ample staff, ensures your child is cared for and encouraged to grow and develop – from drop off, to home time. Activities are play based, designed to provide a safe environment where children can play and explore at their own pace.

Nutritious meals

We provide chef inspired meals prepared by a qualified culinary experts on-site at our centres, with nutritious ingredients chosen to help teach a healthy interest in wholesome foods.

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