Brent (Chloe’s Dad)

From personally working in an education setting I often see the value of surrounding young children with positive role models that provide an environment that is inclusive and caring in nature. Research suggests that children who have been exposed to these positive experiences are more likely to be engaged in educational settings over an extended period of time.

Over the three years that Chloe attended Warooga Childcare she created positive relationships with carers, as well as building her social capacity to interact better with individuals, as well as groups of people. She particularly enjoyed the extra-curricular activities that she had the opportunity to be involved with. These included ‘Happy Feet’, going to ‘Tumblers’ and of course the Christmas Party.

As a parent the most important aspect of what Warooga Childcare offers is the timely and consistent communication between parents and carers. Having the communication book was a great way of summarising the events of the day and lets parents know exactly what their child has been doing.

When we talk about day care at home, it still brings a smile to Chloe’s face and therefore I have no hesitation in taking our second daughter, Charley to Warooga Childcare centre in Riverton. Thank you and keep up the good work.