Ear infections Fact Sheet

Description: Ear infections (otitis) are common health problems for young children. They cause pain and distress to children, may affect their hearing, and can wake them up at night. ear

Helping parents to be their best

Parents are learners Every parent makes mistakes and learns by experience. Parenting groups or courses can provide good ideas and support with parenting. Look for these groups in your local area,

Conjunctivitis Fact Sheet

Description Conjunctivitis is an eye condition where the conjunctiva (the clear membrane that covers the white part of the eye and lines the inner surface of the eyelids) becomes inflamed. The

Flavor of the month : Weetbix Slice

A healthy treat your children will love, trust us, it’s been proven!! Weetbix Slice Ingredients 12 weetbix 1 ½ cups of raw sugar 2 cups of sultanas 3 teaspoons of bicarb soda 6 tablespoons of

Hand, foot and mouth disease

Description: Hand, foot and mouth disease is a common viral infection, it is not related to the disease in cattle with a similar name (foot-and-mouth disease). Symptoms of hand, foot and mouth
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