Southern River

Our Southern River centre is a spacious facility which has large play spaces which allow children to move freely. Our programmes incorporate plenty of physical activity and the environment is structured to facilitate this in a fun and playful manner.

Our daily routines are structured to facilitate learning in a creative and innovative environment, whilst allowing plenty of freedom for free choice in play. Quiet play areas are also created which allow children to find different types of play and follow their own interests.

Structured learning is designed to be delivered in an experiential manner so the children are highly involved and become excited about their educational development. Older children work toward becoming school ready.

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At Riverton we are proud of our experienced educators who encourage and foster each child’s development in a nurturing environment. At this centre we endeavour to provide an environment which mirrors a family home.

Daily routines foster development across fine motor skills, social and emotional development and gross motor skills. They are delivered in a play based manner where children become excited about their learning and development.

The programmes include among other things, art, craft, cooking and languages whilst still allowing plenty of ability for free choices in play. We encourage and develop affinity with nature and incorporate teachings in recycling and natural life cycles.

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